Okra aka Bendi( Ladys Finger ) is not that widely used, but back home Okra is the most popular veggie not just for its flavor but for its MATHS improving powers! Yes may be thats the big reason i used to score good marks at Maths. Thanks to my mom, though i was a big fan of Dondakaya fry/ Tindora fry, she made sure we eat more Bendi than Dondi( yep we used to call it like that ). Hope everyone from India knows this 'Okra sharpens your brain unlike Tindora' and many people believe and we kids used to have Okra curry, i think it might have given us confidence that our maths skills had really improved just before the exam day( I know its funny! )

Coming to the recipe, i had this curry from one of our Marwadi friends and fallen in love with it. Marwadis use Dhaniya powder a lot and their curries looks so simple yet delicious and satisfying. And when they say it sounds really simple with very few ingredients. This curry uses freshly home made yogurt, dhaniya( corinader ) powder, red chilli powder and mint. Thats it! Worried about the stickiness from Okra? Adding yogurt or lime would significantly reduce it. Click here for tips on cooking perfect okra!

You need:
1 cup lighlty whipped fresh homemade yogurt(perugu) or dannon yogurt
2 cups chopped Okra
1 onion
2 tbsp dhaniya powder/ corinader powder
1/2 tbsp - 1 tbsp red chilli powder
3 - 4 stalks mint
2-3 stalks of cilantro( i didnt have it then )
4 tbsp oil
a pinch of turmeric

How to:
Heat oil in kadai or wok and add onion and okra
Add turmeric and fry till okra softens and cooked
Add dhaniya powder and chilli powder
Fry for 1 more min
Once okra is completely cooked, should melt right away when eaten
Add salt and whipped/whisked yogurt.
Cook for 2-3 min
Add chopped mint leaves and switch off the heat
P.S: Adjust salt and spice to taste

To relish the maximum flavor of the dish please do eat it when fresh and hot. Serve this Dahi Bendi( bendakaya perugu kura ) with hot hot rotis or rice. This time we had this curry with Aloo Parathas and it was Finger Licking Good. Dont take my word on this, try it for yourself to see how easy and delicious the curry is!

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Anonymous said...

I love Bhendi. Will try this. I add bhendi to kadhi (majjige huli in kannada).

Finla said...

The recipe looks good. I coudn't see the pictures.
I never liked Okra when i was young, now i know the reason why i go less marks in Maths :-(

FH said...

Yummy! What a great looking dish. I love Okra, will try this.Thanks Kalva!:))

Bong Mom said...

Bhindi improves Maths skills really ?
The sabzi looks good

Swaroopa said...

i love any thing with okra... nvr heard okra with yougurt. will try it soon.

Rina said...

This looks like one yummy gravy with chapathi, girl. I know in school days parents and elders always use to advice us to eat Okra.

Dori said...

Okra is one perfect vegetable...I love it! This sounds good, I love the taste of coriander :)

Richa said...

hey, bhindi looks very delicious
u like to use mint, don't u? do u have a potted mint plant? it's great to hv it at ur disposal anytime :)

TBC said...

I love dahi bhindi...should make it more often. Did not know about the power(s) of bhindi;-)

Namratha said...

Hmmm I already feel brainier..hehe! Good curry Kalva dear:)

Abhigya said...

Hey Lalitha,
Congratulatios for being listed as one of the best blogger in indian food!

you rock girl.!!

Sagari said...

dahi bindhi is my favvvvvv yummy pics

Kalva said...

Thanks guys for stopping by and leaving your lovely comments.

Lakshmi - i am not that good in making Khadi, will check your recipe for the same.

Happy Cook - Oh i liked Tindora over Bendi, but now Bendi became my fav

Asha - Lemme know how it turned out

Sandeepa - Yep thats what my grandmas and mom said and we believed it.. no questions asked( since it tasted that good )

Swaroopa - Ok have you heard of okra pachadi(chutney)? My grandma makes it and its divine even with its slimy texture

Rina - Yep it tastes good with chapathi and hot rice too

Meeso - i like to coriander in almost everything i make. Coriander brings that fresh and unique flavor to the dish

Richa - Yes Richa you are right! I like to use herbs a lot in my dishes mostly curryleaves, coriander and mint. I feel teh dish incomplete withour coriander. No Richa, wish i had a mint plant, would love to have one soon.

TBC, Manaratha, Abhigya and Sagari for leaving your comments.

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