Though we make various types of dosas, Atukula dosa aka Poha Dosa has been the most favourite of all. None of the other dosas can compete with the Set Dosa aka Poha Dosa in fluffy texture, size( thickness ) and that zing from sour buttermilk. On the healthy side, these dosas need very very less oil compared to other dosas. Just 6 drops along the edges of the dosa would do the trick(I dont know how that very less oil would be good enough, may be it gets oil from poha! ). And the best part, it melts in your mouth just like butter and we call it Sponge Dosa too. Thanks a lot Grandma for passing down this recipe!

The day before Diwali( Naraka Chathurdasi ) my mom makes these Dosas for sure. And on Diwali it would be mostly Pongal. We were allowed wear to new clothes only on Naraka Chathurdasi day, but not on Diwali. And another day where they make these dosas would be Atlataddi. Hope every Andhrite knows about Atlathaddi. Atlathaddi( Atlu = Dosa ) usually comes in October. This day all women wake up early in the morning, wear new clothes(teenagers in half-sarees ) and do some rituals and they give dosas(atlu vayanam) to other women. And we kids used to have so much fun swinging! They make hundreds of dosas and give them in some count( im not exactly sure how many ). Since the dosas should stay moist and soft for longer hours they usually prefer to make dosas with poha. Hope they have this festival even in Tamilnadu! This is my entry for RCI Tamil Festivals Event.

Kids usually sing this following rhyme about Atla taddi(Dosa Day).
Atlathaddoi Aratlaoi Muddapappoi Moodatloi
Chip Chip Gollu Singaraai Gollu
Ma Thatha Gollu Mandaparallu

Atukula Attu will be good even when packed for lunch. I usually apply putnala podi( Pappula podi ) on dosa and cover them with a lid once cooked and wrap in aluminium foil. It stays very moist and soft until lunch time. This can be served in any meal of the day. The dosa is crispy on one side and soft and tender the other side. This is an exact Indian version of good and fluffy American pancakes!

You need:

  • 3 cups Raw Rice(American long grain rice would be better than sona masoori rice )
  • 1 cup tightly packed atukulu aka poha( Indian Beaten Rice )
  • 1 tsp menthulu( Methi seeds)
  • 1/4 cup minapappu( Urad Dal )
  • 1/4 cup sour beaten yogurt or thick butter milk
  • 1/2 tbsp salt
  • a pinch of baking soda

How to make Batter:
  • Soak rice, methi seeds, and urad dal together overnight for 4-5 hours.
  • Soak beaten rice or poha/atukulu in seperate bowl with buttermilk for 1-2 hrs
  • Grind soaked beaten rice first to a smooth paste and set aside
  • Grind soaked rice mixture into very smooth paste adding water
  • Do not add too much water just add enough water to grind
  • Add salt and baking soda
  • Mix well with hand( No spoons or laddles please! Should use hand to mix making it easy to ferment )
  • Store it in airtight container in a warm place overnight or until it ferments( almost doubles in size )

How to make Dosas:
  • Heat griddle or tawa in medium heat, cut onion into half and rub on griddle( This makes dosas to come off without sticking to pan )
  • Pour a laddleful of batter. DO NOT SPREAD, a little dab would be good enough. Do it just like pancakes.
  • Add very little oil INSIDE the edges of dosa
  • Once the bubbles are formed put lid on the top as shown in picture
  • Remove and check for doneness
  • Flip and cook one the other side for just 2 sec

Please Note:
  • Use sour buttermilk or beaten yogurt. This is important for fermentation. You can avoid buttermilk on whole if you dont like the sour taste. It will be good even without buttermilk.
  • Always mix any dosa or idli batter with hand only( My moms tip! )
  • Do not add too much water for dosa batter.
  • To make no stick dosas, rub a half cut onion on the griddle before making each dosa after sprinking water.
  • Do not spread batter for atukula dosa.
  • Cover Set Dosa with a lid once the bubbles are formed., this makes the dose so fluffy but not dried out.

Serve this Atukula dosa/ Sponge Dosa/ Poha Dosa or Set dosa hot with green chutney, allam pachadi( Ginger chutney ) or onion chutney with some ghee.

With the remaining batter i made Uthappams! Yes, i chopped some onions, green chillies, tomatoes, cilantro and curry leaves and mixed with batter. Believe me, leftovers never tasted this good!!

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Anonymous said...

Superb! I am drooling now......

sangeetaskitchen said...

nice photos, explaning is too gud,
i had made poha dosa i got recipe from recipezaar..........will try ur way next time thanks

pls vist my blog

Timepass said...

Looks very yummy

Finla said...

Mouthwattering dosa.
Love them. Never made set dosa. alwats sticked to the sada one. Should try these as you said they are so fluffy

Pravs said...

Dosa looks yum. Looks like kerala appam,also from the way it is cooked.

Siri said...

yummmmmmy dosaas,,:)

Suganya said...

Oooh dear.. the temptation is too much. Sponge dosa is to die for.

Kalva said...

Thanks a lot Lakshmi, Sangeeta, 'timepass' blog admin, Happy Cook, Pravs, Siri and Suganya for your wonderful comments. I am a new blogger and all your comments drive me even more towards blogging. Checked all of your blogs.. and everyone is so creative, really had good time browsing your sites. Thanks again for stopping by!!

Seema Bhat said...

Set dosa is my fav dosa as well buddy. I have a different version of it in my blog. Will try it your way next time. Pictures are fantastic.

Kalva said...

Thanks Seema you have a nice blog out there. Will try your recipe too. Thanks for stopping by!

TBC said...

Beautiful pics. Dosa looks very nice and spongy.

remya said...

wow!!! my fav setdosa....lovely pic!!! i'm drooling now.

Raks said...

Kalva,I came through sangeetha's blog,even we are new to blogging!!Very nice,white and soft looking poha dosas you have made!! I hav to try this!!

Anonymous said...

hi lalitha,
i never tried this ,looks yummy.
i will try it soon


Vcuisine said...

Dosas are so porous Kalva. Thanks for dropping by. Nice to know you. Viji

Laavanya said...

These dosas look perfect.. so spongy and soft. A definite must-try.

Vcuisine said...

Thanks for this entry Kalva. Will take it for Diwali. It's a different one altogether. Appreciate your interest in giving details. Viji

Dori said...

*Drooling*...this looks soooo good! It's my first time to your blog, I think I'm gonna have a look around :D

Anonymous said...

hi...dosa seems to be very spongy..nice recipe thanku

myspicyhut said...

hi...dosa seems to be very spongy..nice recipe thanku

Vrinda said...

i have soaked all the items now only..

Unknown said...

Hi..hav been searching davangere dosa since long wen accidently came across ur recepie. I hav tried it thrice..d dosas came out yummy, bfully kid n hubby loved it...Tons of thanks to U...I wanted to post d pics for can I do it?
frm Poonam

Unknown said...

Hi...atukula dosa/benne dosa/davangere dosa...awesome...recepie beautifully explained with pics...I was so thrilled to hav finally found dis recepie...thanks a lot. Hav tried it 3 times..came out once again...Poonam

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