Hope this new year brings you loads of Happiness and Prosperity . We wish you all a very fabulous NEW YEAR ahead and Happy Valentines Day!!

I am so blessed to have a Strawberry patch open minutes from home. I have been waiting for Strawberry Picking for years and it finally happened and that too so close from my home.. just cant believe it. I know i sound so funny when i say that, yep i was that desperate. Not anymore, anytime i need some strawberries i just take my daughter along with me and then "Pick our own Strawberries".

I just cant explain how good i felt when i plucked the first strawberry fresh from the vine. Oh my baby, she just cant wait until the strawberries are cleaned. Also, we had hard time picking the right ripe ones as a lot of them were hiding. Oh my goodness, the strawberries were super sweet, juicy and succulent. And most of them ended as my daughter's dinner and brunch.

Anyhow i managed to save some and made these delicious chocolate covered strawberries for the very first time and to my surprise they turned out to be pretty cute and easy.


  • 32 ounces Semi sweet chocolate chips / Milk chocolate chips
  • 4 - 5 tbsp Butter / Shortening
  • 2 pounds fresh ripe firm Strawberries ( with stems if possible )
  • White Chocolate( Optional )
  • Crushed Almonds( Optional )
  • Chopped Chocolate( Optional )
  • Toothpicks( Optional )
  • Parchment Paper( Optional )
  • Styrofoam( Optional )

  • Wash the strawberries and dry them on paper towels and let them dry for 1- 2 hours. Make sure there's no water left on the strawberries, as we want the chocolate to sit nice on the strawberries.
  • Prick a toothpick on top of the strawberries and keep aside
  • You can let the chocolate either in a double boiler method / in microwave. Personally i felt melting in the double boiler to be easy.
  • For melting on the stove: Place a sauce pan filled 1/2 with water and heat under medium heat, let a glass mixing bowl sit on the sauce pan, add butter and once butter is melted, add chocolate chips and keep stirring continuously until melted and smooth.
  • For melting in microwave: Place the chocolate chips in microwave safe bowl, and heat them in an interval of 30 seconds, and keep stirring until all melted and smooth.
  • Dip the strawberries in chocolate and place them on parchment paper.


For perfect chocolate dipped strawberries, insert the dipped strawberries on styrofoam to let them dry

For fancier strawberries, dip the chocolate covered strawberries in chopped walnuts/almonds, sprinkles, chopped chocolate.

You can even drizzle some melted white chocolate over dried strawberries for that gourmet touch. I am going to do this for my next batch.

My delicious Strawberries are on their way to:
My Chocolate Covered Strawberries are on their way to 'Food Palette series - Brown'

P.S. Everyone has unique taste palette, so please adjust the ingredients according to your taste.


Sanyukta Gour(Bayes) said...

seems u guys enjoyed berry picking...dipped berriers looks luscious n tempting...happy new yr dear

Unknown said...

Happy new year dear. Wow, had never seen proper strawberry fields/vines. They look so pretty and cute. They look even more lovely after dipped in chocolate.

AJ said...

Delicious!! Best wishes for 2011!!

notyet100 said...

wish ya happy new year 2011

Unknown said...

that is so cool to be in the strawberry filed and what can beter than fresh strawberry and choc ...very happy new year :)

Ann Master said...

So beautiful strawberry field. Thanks for sharing these pictures of strawberries and dipped strawberries these are relly like Edible Arrangements

Sarah Jones said...

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KrithisKitchen said...

Love strawberries with chocolate!!
Happy Valentine's day!


Ally said...

i completely know what its like to go into your back yard and pluck fresh strawberries...its the very same thing mum and i used to do back in the day...we'd simply stare and at we plucked and then preserve them by stewing them up....its blissful!!!

Torviewtoronto said...

thank you for linking delicious strawberries
following your lovely site

Pari Vasisht said...

Dear Kalva, read ur comment and checked my mail box as well as the spam box, but could not find ur mail, can u pls mail me again, will add ur post.

Eat Hearty said...

The pictures are so Delicious!!


Geetha said...

Wow, that berries could not have been that beautiful in bare eyes.Fusion of chocolate with strawberry is simply fantastic.

Citizen Insane said...

I'm curious. Where are these strawberry fields? Where can you go strawberry picking in India?

Window Blinds said...

Awesome photos.. Very nice..
Delicious photos.. wanna eat.. thanks for sharing..

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