You can definitely make your family berry favorite with my blueberry almond yogurt smoothie. Blueberries are excellent source of fiber and vitamin C. Blueberries are my favorite out of the all berries and are very delicious eaten out of hand. Choose blueberries that are firm and indigo blue. Wash them with water and relish immediately, or you can store in the waterproof container in the refrigerator for up to four days. Also you can freeze these cuties to enjoy all year long. First freeze them in one layer on a plate right out of the carton and once frozen transfer them to a freezer bag. Be sure not to wash them before storing.

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Who wouldn't love to relish some good old healthy smoothies? My blueberry smoothie is one such simple sumptuous delights, which you can whip up in a minute, perfect for anytime of the day, be it for breakfast, mid day snack or something sweet at the end of the day. Its so versatile, you can control the fat and calories as per your need. For us this smoothie/shake satisfies those occasional something sweet cravings after a satisfying meal. I add soaked almonds for protein boost along with fresh homemade yogurt and honey to the fresh blueberries.

Ingredients you need:
  • 1/2 cup fresh blueberries / frozen berries
  • 1 cup yogurt
  • some ice
  • sugar / honey to taste
  • light whipped cream ( optional )
  • 5-6 whole soaked Almonds

How to make healthy blueberry smoothie:
  • Soak the whole raw almonds in water for 5-6 hours. I usually soak them at night, so that they will be ready to go into the smoothie the next day. Once soaked overnight these almonds become pulp and the skin comes off very easily.
  • Put all the above ingredients along with the almonds in a blender and run it until smooth. You can add some whipped cream ( if you don't mind those extra calories )
  • I like some chunky blueberries in my smoothie, so i add a few more blueberries at the end and run the blender under pulse setting

This blueberry almond yogurt smoothie can easily boost your nutritional needs is a healthy way to start your morning. Try having it along with your breakfast and you'll see the difference. So light, tasty and healthy and the best part you can control the calories.

My smoothie is off to the events:


anudivya said...

I normally make this for breakfast minus the almonds. I will try soaking them the next time around. Looks good.

Shwetha said...

Hi Kalva,

Thanks for stopping by. I love your pictures especially the one with the cashew nuts in a soup spoon.Brilliant capture of colors!
I am going to be trying some of your recipes soon!
This morning I made a batch of the velluli karapodi to go with my idlis - it was divine!
Thanks and do stop by again :)


lubnakarim06 said...

Oh wow.....awesome the fruity nutty flavourful smoothie....very yum...

bee said...

lovely bi-colour click.

Anonymous said...

i bumped into ur blog from google..loved the clicks of the food items..and the smoothy is mouthwatering..esp for this summer here

Hillary said...

Great idea to add almonds to the smoothie! Here are some more blueberry recipes if you need 'em!

jillian said...

I love your blueberry photos and the smoothie looks great and healthy!

EC said...

Indeed a healthy one..The combination of colours in the pic is too good

KALVA said...

yes anudivya almonds give protein boost to the smoothie

KALVA said...

thanks shweatha glad you liked my cashewnuts recipe. yes vellulli karam is so spicy and has that kick.. goes great with curries too

Anshika said...

I just mentioned on Parita's blog that blueberries are everywhere. And then when I came on your blog, another blueberry. I am just dying to have some of those. So that I may also get to make something and suffice my craving. I love smoothies. In summers they are a pure ecstasy.

Sindhura said...

Lovely pics yaar!!!
Perfect combo.
Drop in sometime

Vaishali said...

I love blueberry smoothies too, although I usually make them with soymilk. I like your idea of adding nuts. Looks delicious!

Purva Desai said...

First time to this delicious blog.......I am drooling over the colour of the smoothie.......hey even I read Sai Satcharitra almost daily

Red Chillies said...

Would love to have this for breakfast along with a bagel :-) Beautiful pictures.

Lakshmi said... looks sooo very tempting..nice pics

Nithya said...

Brilliant photography.. fallen in love with the smoothie... awesome. keep it up.

Guess I am here for the first time but sure will be here often. :)

anand said...

It is looking so good and yummy
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