Parathas hot and fresh from the griddle are always sumptuous and mouth watering. My husband is the first person to be so much content and satisfied when i serve parathas( particularly his favorite aloo parathas ) with some regular plain old home made yogurt, he wouldn't ask for any more, and that makes my job... even easier !

Mint and kasuri methi adds so much flavor to the good old aloo parathas.. Actually I have added the aloo stuffing just to make the parathas meatier for my husband and i had to bluff him saying those were the regular plain aloo parathas( oops!! yes he is so picky when it comes to food.. ) .. I mixed up some potatoes with simple spices and lemon juice ( kept it subtle , no fancy masalas ).

As it was my very first time adding mint and kasuri methi to the parathas , i wasn't sure of the end product... but lemme tell you the parathas were too good to be true.. The nuttyness from the sesame seeds, tanginess from the yogurt n lime, lots of flavor from kasuri methi, ginger, garlic and mint., made these parathas a quick seller... We could finish these parathas just as they are, you don't need any curry on the side.. yep that good...

1/2 bunch of mint leaves ( Pudina )
1/4 cup kasuri methi ( Dried fenugreek leaves )
2 cups whole wheat flour ( Goduma Pindi / Atta )
1/2 cup yogurt / fresh homemade curds ( Perugu )
1/4 cup coriander ( Kothimeera )
1 clove of garlic ( Thella gadda )
1 inch ginger ( Allam )
1 tbsp white sesame seeds ( Nuvvulu )
2-4 green chillies ( Pachi mirapakayalu )
1 tsp sugar ( Chakkara )
a pinch of turmeric ( Pasupu )
2 tbsp oil ( Noone )

For potato filling:
1 large red potato ( Bangala dumpa )
2 tsp chilli powder ( Mirapa podi )
1 tsp cumin seeds ( Jeela karra )
1 tsp coriander powder ( Dhaniyala podi )
1/2 juice of 1 lime / small lemon ( Nimma kaya )
salt to taste ( Uppu )

How to:
Puree green chillies, ginger, garlic, mint leaves, cilantro, salt to a fine paste.
In a mixing bowl combine yogurt, sesame seeds, the above spice paste, kasuri methi , sugar and salt
Mix in the wheat flour with the yogurt mixture only.., if its too try you can add some water Knead it into a soft dough and coat it with oil and keep it aside covered for one hour
Microwave potatoes peel and mash them, add chiili powder, salt, dhaniya powder and lime juice. Mix together and keep aside.

Plain Mint and Kasuri Methi Parathas hot from the griddle

Preparing the plain Mint and Methi Parathas:
Roll out the dough as regular rotis and cook them over the griddle / tawa both sides with either a butter stick, ghee or oil.
These have a long shelf life and i usually wrap them in a foil, store in a freezer and heat on both the sides when needed.

Preparing the Mint and Methi Aloo Parathas:
Divide both dough and potato stuffing into equal portions, stuffing should be smaller in size than the dough balls. ( follow the above picture )
Roll out the dough into palm size, place the potato filling, bring the edges together and wrap the dough over the potato stuffing
Now roll out the potato filled dough like a regular roti upto required thickness

Heat these parathas on both sides over the griddle along with some oil , butter stick or ghee..
Unlike the Mint parathas these doesnt have long shelf life because of the potato filling..
I had the plain methi and mint parathas and my husband had the potato stufffed parathas.. For freezing instructions of parathas click here.

Mint and Febugreek paraths stuffed with spiced potato filling

You can add some water to mix the dough if the yogurt isnt enough to bind together
Please adjust the green chillies according to your taste
Make sure you bring the yogurt to room temperature before mixing the dough
Always rest the dough covered for atleast half an hour to one hour
Once the parathas are cooked cover them with a lid, this way they stay moist longer
Try to dust less flour while rolling out the paratha

These delicious Aloo Mint and Methi Parathas are on its way to

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Siri said...

Wow, the parathas look yummo Kalva and thanks for such illustrative photographs! Lovely entry to 'yogurt' event. Thanks.


Srivalli said...

Kalva..that looks great..nice pictures..thanks!

KALVA said...

Thanks Siri, yes adding yogurt made the parathas so soft and mosit.

KALVA said...

Thanks Srivalli for hosting the event!!

Anonymous said...

nice parathas ... :)

Divya Kudua said...

Nice parathas Kalva...and great pictures too!!

Meera said...

Parathas look delicious. Lovely entry.

Medhaa said...

lovely parathas. Love the color.

Shri said...

Different idea!!Lovely dish.

Devi Priya said...

Never tried adding pudhina to aloo parata. Nice post.

Unknown said...


looks great... nice entry...

Chef Jeena said...

Fantastic paratha recipe with wonderful pictures, so tasty looking. :-)

Unknown said...

my dear...
baba is always with worries..

Uma said...

yummy parathas. very beautiful pics with nice instructions.

Cynthia said...

Hmmm, that title was a mouthful then so it is this delicious food you have made :)

Bharti said...

Delicious lookin' parathas!

ranji said...

awesome....the paratha has puffed up so well..loved that snap...delcious entry :)

Vrushali Kulkarni said...

Wow!! looks delicious! Would certainly like to try once. Thanks!

KALVA said...

Thanks Skribles, Divya and Meera wonderful comments.. Yes these Methi and Mint Theplas had longer shelf life than expected and tasted moist and soft...

KALVA said...

Thanks Medha, Shree and Devipriya for stopping by, yes i liked the flavor of mint and kasuri methi very much.. Somehow i found kasuri methi to be much flavorful and taht special aroma compared to fresh methi leaves..

KALVA said...

Thanks Srikar, Uma and Jeena for your time.., somehow im very bad at taking pics while preparing., glad they came out so good!!!

KALVA said...

Yes Ranji, the puffed up paratha is my fav too., i took so many pics to get the perfect parathas.. But this one is a winner.. Flaky and fluffy Parathas,,,

Vanamala Hebbar said...

few weeks back i too made pudina parathas...but yours is completely different recipe..willtry this version. Pics are very nice...

sunita said...

Beautiful parathas Kalva :-)

notyet100 said...

looks so good,..lovely pics,..

Shah cooks said...

the methi itself would taste so good and u added aloo too. looks great.

Vaidehi Bhave said...

pic looks awesome ..parathas must have tasted good.. like the idea of flavoring paratha with mint and kasuri methi..


Anonymous said...

Anything with kasuri methi,grab my attention,and i am glad that it deviated me to ur post,coz now i know how to make the aloo parathas more wonderful
Thnks for sharing this awesome recipe

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