Who wouldn't love potatoes and peas? Cooking potatoes and peas in tomatoes seasoned with cumin and coriander powders, sweetened with milk( or cream ) is the one recipe which comes to my rescue at the eleventh hour. So easy to prepare, so rich in taste. Adding milk to this potato curry gives this unique sweetness which balances the sourness from tomatoes. Aloo( Potato ) Matar( Peas ) is one such classic recipe which you can whip up in no time. You don't need any fancy ingredients and i am sure you would find all these items in you pantry any time.

You need:
  • 4-5 large ripened tomatoes
  • 2 red potatoes( use boiling potatoes only )
  • 1-2 fistfuls green peas -- you can use frozen / fresh / soaked and boiled dried peas
  • 2 tbsp ginger garlic paste
  • 1 tbsp coriander powder
  • 1 tsp cumin powder
  • 1 - 2 tsp red chilli powder
  • 1 tsp garam masala( optional )
  • 1/2 cup milk or cream
  • 5 tbsp oil

How to prepare aloo matar:
  • Boil the potatoes ( i microwave them with very little water covered for 6 min ) peel the skin and chop them into 1 inch cubes
  • Chop onions and tomatoes very finely and keep aside
  • In a kadai / pan heat oil and add onions and ginger garlic paste
  • Keep stirring until the onions cooked to golden hue
  • Add the coriander, cumin and red chilli powders
  • Add turmeric and garam masala powder
  • Toss in green peas and fry for 30 sec
  • Fry for 1 min and add tomatoes( alternatively you can puree the blanched tomatoes and add to the pan )
  • Cook until the oil leaves from the sides
  • Now add the chopped potatoes and stir gently so that potatoes do not fall apart
  • This is optional -- for extra creaminess and sweetness you can either add whole milk or cream and cook for 5 more min
  • Add fresh cilantro and serve hot...

This curry tastes so good with chapathis, rotis, steaming hot rice or tortillas. We had this along with freshly home made rotis with some onions( sprinkled with cumin powder and lemon juice ) and freshly homemade yogurt ( curd ).

Heres the list of the events i am sending this recipe to:
JFI - Onion by Radhis Kitchen
Potato Fest by Divya Karthik
Ode to potato by Sia


FH said...

Beautiful post, colorful and delicious! Send this to 2 potato events going on right now!:)

Finla said...

Indeed it looks so creamy.
True one will have all these ingridients at home.

Dori said...

I love this dish, It's fun to make different recipes to find one I like best...I will try this soon :)

Dhivya said...

hi first time in ur blog..nice recipe and nice blog..it looks yummy

Kribha said...

The gravy looks so creamy and delicious. You are so right. Who wouldn't love aloo and peas especially with this special gravy.

Namratha said...

Looks delicious Kalva, the colour is great!

KALVA said...

Thanks Asha,, i just checked the potato events.. gonna send these for sure.. thanks dear!

KALVA said...

Yes Happy cook, this one is so easy and one can find these ingredients any time of the day in their pantry..

KALVA said...

Thannks Meeso, let me know if you liked this version...!

KALVA said...

Hi Dhivya checked ur blog,, you have very easy and quick recipes.. Good work dear!!

Sia said...

thanks kalva for this sweet, spicy and delicious entry:)

DK said...

Thats one creamy bowl of Heaven! Potatoes,Tomatoes,Peas and Cream!Now I am Hungry! Thanks for the sinful indulgence Kalva!Beautiful,hunger inducing entry! Luv it :)

KALVA said...

Thanks Sia and Dhivya ,, glad you guys liked the recipe...

Anonymous said...

oooh sounds chatpata~~~~the pics jus add to the visual feast

Cynthia said...

What an amazing riot of colours and flavours!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Oh I am a bachelor and always looking for easy to cook recipes. This turned out really well. Thanks!

KALVA said...

Thanks Anurag, gald you liked the recipe.

Ank... said...

Thanks a ton!! I tried it and it made my evening.. delicious food.. i din't realise i can be such a good cook :) thanks again!!

pria said...

hi, this is a recipe that i wanted to try for long, i tried it, its really simple and came out just great, Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

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Hashim Khan said...

Fantastic recipe! I tried it and it was awesome. By mistake I boiled peas also with potato but nothing went wrong :P


Anonymous said...

Yummy recipes....anyone interested can checkout my cooking blog too...http://ashisree.blogspot.com/

Ashu said...

Lovely recipe! Same as I do. Didn't have cream so added milk :)

Eric said...

I always eager to find new recipe. Your recipe is quite simple and useful to make yummy aloo matar..Thanks

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