Erra karam aka Onion Chutney is commonly used for Masala Dosa/ Karam Dosa. It is usually spread over dosa along with some ghee( clarified butter ). You wouldnt find the raw smell from the onions since we saute the onions first and then grind it. The onion chutney makes the simply delicious plain dosa Finger Licking Good! Lemme move onto the recipe.


  • 2 big yellow onions or red onions
  • 6 red chilles
  • 2 garlic pods
  • 10 curry leaves
  • 1/2 lemon sized tamarind soaked in warm water
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • salt to taste

  • Chop the onion as shown in the picture
  • Peel off the skin of garlic pods and chop them too
  • Heat oil in kadai or pan, and add onions, red chillies, curry leaves and garlic pods
  • Fry them until onion are golden brown just like shown in the picture above.
  • Switch off the heat let the mixture come to room temperature
  • Grind into fine paste adding soaked tamarind, sugar and salt
  • Adjust salt to taste.

This chutney tastes so good with dosa. Since this chutney is so spicy and when spread on the dosa we call the it KARAM DOSA. This goes well with all the Indian breakfasts like idli, dosa, vada, upma and pongal. Haven't tried with rice yet do let me know if u try it. This chutney stays good for upto 4 days in the refigerator. I will post the dosa recipe soon. Hope you would try this hot and spicy ONION CHUTNEY!
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Anonymous said...

What's a good plain dosa recipe?

Anonymous said...

i loved this recipe! i've always been curious as to how this chutney is made after eating it at many restaurants. thanx a lot for posting it!

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